Facelift surgeries are constantly being modified for more safe and predictable results. Gone are the days of the over-pulled “done look” that is constantly linked to this procedure. Despite advancements in non-surgical options for facial rejuvenation, there is no question that the best solution for many of our patients remains the facelift. These procedures are performed for patients from the age of 40 to healthy 70-year-olds. This is a completely tailored operation, with no two procedures being performed the same way, in order to address the patient’s concerns while taking into account their unique anatomy.


Most facelift procedures are performed under general anesthetic by one of Stratford’s certified anesthesiologists. Some patients can be candidates for sedation, based on the patient and their procedure.


Generally, recovery is 2-3 weeks before returning to a social schedule without any swelling or discoloration. Modest pain is managed by oral pain medication, with the first few days being the most affected by tightness and swelling.

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