An abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, is an operation designed to remove excess fat and skin of the abdomen in order to improve its appearance. Usually, this is for patients who have either had weight loss, or women who have been pregnant. There are a variety of operations to discuss, based on the aesthetic concerns in one’s abdomen, including mini-abdominoplasty and repair of separated abdominal muscles (diastasis). The skin removed can contain previous scars and stretch marks.


Operations are performed at our private surgery site in Sarnia or at Stratford General Hospital. Surgery is performed under a general anaesthetic by our team of board-certified anaesthesiologists, and is completed as either an outpatient procedure (go home the same day) or, more commonly, as an inpatient procedure with an overnight stay. In many cases, patients will require drain tubes to remove fluid from the surgical site, as well as a nerve block procedure by our anaesthesiologist to reduce postoperative pain.


Patients are seen three days after surgery, where the initial dressing is changed and drains are removed.  Follow up after that may vary, but generally will include the following week and then a month later.  Supportive garments are provided.  Discomfort will vary based on the extent of the operation, but patients are usually required to avoid standing completely upright for the first few days, although mobilization is essential to avoid complications.  Light activities usually commence a couple of weeks after, with rigorous activity being avoided approximately six weeks postoperatively.

Financing option: Beautifi  or  Medicard

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