Over the last year, we’ve had many patients ask about the surgeries that are provided by OHIP and not covered on this website.  Although we offer a full complement of Plastic Surgery that is covered by OHIP, this is not represented on this website as it requires a referral from you Family Doctor, Specialist, or Emergency Room Physician.

Common cases include skin cancer treatment, hand surgery both elective and traumatic, and breast surgery which is covered such as breast reductions and reconstruction.  For a consultation, please see your family doctor to see if a referral is appropriate for you!!!


We at Heaton Health know that giving back to the community that supports you is vital.  Having young children involved in sports helps to drive some of those initiatives

Not only are we involved by being a Board Member at the Stratford Tennis Club, but we also sponsor youth tennis programs, most recently at the 50th Anniversary Celebration!

Youth basketball has also been a passion, whether coaching both Revolution Travel Basketball or the Hoops for Fun Program, but also providing sponsorship and financial support directed in both arms of Stratford Basketball.


Heaton Health has been teaming up with Mara Surgical Centre in Sarnia to provide Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Lambton County for over a year now.  Our state of the art surgical facility provides a safe and modern outpatient facility for most of our Plastic Surgery procedures.

Teaming up with Dr. Davis and his staff has proved to be an exciting addition to Heaton Health, giving patients yet again more options to explore with us to help reach their desired goals.  Until now, patients in Sarnia have to travel out of town for their consultation and operation.

Call us for a free consultation to discuss this exciting location for Heaton Health at 519.305.3550.


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